Week 4 Action Research 5301

My peers seemed to like my action research project/plan. Specifically, they mentioned interest in seeing the acceptance rate among teachers on utilizing the new technology. One suggestion that was made involved the usage of smartphones and/or iPod Touches, especially since my project (implementing blended learning) could be greatly enhanced if “blended” could also mean “mobile.” I would love to incorporate this into my research, but would be going directly against district policies as well as facing an issue regarding access, since not all students have a smartphone and/or an iPod Touch. Another suggestion was to compare my district to similar districts and look at ways they have implemented blended learning within their district. Perhaps some of these strategies could be modified/used within my district? I think this is a stellar suggestion and one that I will be investigating. My site supervisor suggested that I delegate more of my tasks to others on our campus. This would provide two main benefits: 1) a lighter workload for me and 2) a richer experience for all teachers involved since they will feel more like a team working together than individual teachers completing the assignment of one of their coworkers. As soon as school starts back up (next week) I will be addressing some of my coworkers on this very issue, but as of right now, cannot adjust my plan (without talking to them first).

I met with my supervisor/mentor over lunch this week to discuss my action research plan. He was thoroughly impressed with my work and acknowledged that it was detailed enough to be able to provide an accurate, detailed timeline about how the project would be carried out over the semester. The only thing he wanted to caution me about regarding this plan is that it will be adding a significant amount of work on my end since I will be responsible for all parts of the plan and have chosen not to delegate anything. He noted that since I am responsible for the implementation, training, on-going monitoring/assessment, as well as final feedback (as well as any changes that come up mid-plan), there will be a lot on my plate and will probably result in some long hours. He suggested that I seek the help of other teachers willing to collaborate on parts of the project, but I am unable to show that change to my action research plan as of right now since we are not back to work yet and I have, thus far, been unable to reach my coworkers still enjoying their summer break.


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  1. Megan Said:

    This research will be so beneficial for the students as well as the district as a whole. Technology is so important in today’s society and it is critical that the education system recognizes this and moves in a direction that will take advantage of all the benefits technology has to offer. I like the idea of making blended learning become mobile learning as well. Here is a thought… maybe your district could start out with a class set of iPod Touches in select classrooms. Observe how the teacher uses them and how well the students work with them. Then you will be able to have an idea of the impact of mobile learning but on a smaller scale and more feasible for the students. If there is enough evidence that proves how useful that tool can be in the classroom you may be able to receive grants to purchase enough to issue to all student’s (start out with high school and then maybe move into middle school). This may not seem realistic but my district will be going to a one-to-one laptop program within the next year or two. Each student at the high school will be issued a laptop and will have all text books loaded onto the laptop instead of being issued the actual book. I may be rambling now but I hope you see where I’m going with this and I hope it is useful to you with your research! Even if you can’t get a class set of iPods for this year maybe it’s something you can work on for next year.

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