Multimedia and Video Tech 5363

Creating a digital story is not something new to me. I have been doing this type of multimedia work for a few years so a lot of it is very second-nature to me. That being said, I can see the value in these assignments, especially for different groups of students. For example, some students have trouble with sequencing so the act of storyboarding would be helpful to them. Some students have trouble with writing, so having them talk instead and then teaching how to write a script from that could be very helpful as well. Some students are extremely creative and will relish the opportunity to combine so many different outlets into a single story. Some students will be able to express thoughts and ideas that otherwise have just been bottled up because they didn’t know the words for them, even though they could see it in their mind.

The biggest struggle I had was finding content that wasn’t copyright protected and fit the idea I had for my video. I primarily used Creative Commons to find content on Flickr, but this proved to be more difficult than you would imagine.


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