EDLD 5363 Week 2

This week seemed to be a “filler” week where we were learning about how to edit audio/video and creating a podcast about it. Since the podcast was limited to only 90 seconds, it was extremely difficult to really “say” anything worthwhile that would actually be helpful to someone else. I frequently use minimum times in my own classroom for creating content, but I rarely (if ever) put a cap on the amount of content my students create. This seems backwards to say I ONLY have 90 seconds to create a tutorial about editing video. Video editing is extremely complex and this inane cap on time mean this assignment is essentially useless to me or anyone else. Graduate level work should not be something done for the sake of doing it nor should it be changed mid-week, as this assignment was. Initially, the assignment was something entirely different and then seemingly on a whim, the powers that be made the decision to change the assignment. It goes without saying that this week was a waste of my time as well as the time of my classmates as it will certainly not propel us forward in learning nor will it further our understanding of audio/video editing. It should further be noted that the directions are extremely unclear since a “podcast” is audio and yet there are numerous references to YouTube and the utilization of video clips. Perhaps this is an unfortunate side effect of effectively lying to graduate students? When you distribute the syllabus, we are surely aware that plans change, but it should be unacceptable for as assignment due Sunday to be changed haphazardly on the Wednesday prior.

My “tutorial” (if you can hardly call it that) can be found here: http://garnerg.podbean.com/


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  1. Lou Jean Beckett Said:

    Well said!

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