EDLD 5363 Week 3

This week I am working with two other classmate (Rachel and Janette) to begin pre-production on a 60-second PSA. We decided to cover the topic of “online safety.” While we know that the topic is indeed very broad, it was mentioned by Rachel that many if not most parents were not given any sort of instruction about the online world and, as such, have not given any real instruction to their children about it. We were all told to stay away from strangers, but does that apply when the stranger says they are in another state? The ultimate purpose of our PSA will be to provide thought-provoking questions worthy of discussion and further research. Rather than go into intricate details that will only cover one individual topic that will prove to be irrelevant 6 months from now (for example, giving safety tips about the current latest, greatest social networking site), we have decided to give an overall framework for online safety, such as protecting your personal information.

The primary challenge of this PSA will be working within the constraints given us by the program. For example, we are limited to no more than 60 seconds. Please see my previous post about time constraints on creativity. Additionally, within that 60 seconds, we are required to use 4 different shots. While I don’t foresee this as an issue, it assumes we have access to quality video equipment.

I wonder if my iPhone will work for this PSA?


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